Cashless System


Important News 


Dear Parent / Carer,

Please be advised that from 30 April 2018 any users of Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista will no longer be able to make payments via the Tucasi Online Payments System which are processed by WorldPay. Unfortunately, users of these operating system may have to upgrade their systems to be able to make online payments from the 30th of April.

This change is required to ensure that all payment transactions continue to be processed in a secure manner.

This is outside the Schools control and we apologise for inconvenience that this may cause.



Problem solved - 20/04/18

The problem outlined below has now been solved, if you have any queries please contact the finance office at school.



Cashless system  19/04/18– Currently there is an issue with the transactions on the cashless system not synchronising back to Tucasi (scopay).  We have changed cashless providers this week and this has been reported to them and should be resolved shortly. Your child will be able to get the correct balance at the revaluation machines and till points.

If you have any queries please contact the finance office. Thank you.