ASOS/XPO Global Technology Challenge.


Congratulations to the Business Students Emily Haddleton, Dominika Mejtova, Olivia Wilson, Abbie Huttson, Rachael Hunter, Madeline Tully, who won the opportunity to represent the school at the ASOS World Distribution Centre in Barnsley today, Wednesday November 8th.

During the day the students have had the opportunity to tour the distribution centre; they had been challenged with a time management task where, as a team they had to assemble and paint three model cars and design a Poster.

Additionally they had a problem solving task working as a team to untangle themselves from ropes and a production task to set, sort and simplify a working area for the most efficient working.

Later the team had the opportunity to observe and then have a go at XPO’s automated order fulfilment system. Some lucky people in London who ordered their products today will be receiving their products tomorrow put together by our students.

For their presentation the students had researched XPO Logistics (one of the world’s top 10 logistics company) who had set the students the challenge to research, develop and evaluate their own innovative and creative supply chain operation to supply ASOS Sunglasses to Australia for Christmas.

The team presented their plans and presentation, to a distinguished panel of expert judges from the management of ASOS and XPO.

The feedback from the judges was that they were very impressed with the professionalism of the presentation, they had obviously put a considerable amount of time and effort into their competition entry which contained detail of the cost, timescale and environmental impact of their delivery solution.

The team did not win the first prize of a drone for the school, but were more than pleased with winning the Health & Safety poster challenge and their poster will now be used across XPO’s distribution centres to advise their employees of the protective equipment they must wear to protect themselves from injury.

Carleton School would like to thank the Ahead Partnership, XPO and ASOS for giving our students an opportunity to see how a world leading company operates. Well done to the girls!


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