Careers Guidance


The school recently undertook assessment using the Gatsby Careers Benchmark Tool and were found to be in the top 26% schools in the country for our careers provision.  The full report can be seen here.


Careers Exhibition


Carleton Community High School is part of the Wakefield Learning Community which held a special Careers Event to help students consider the opportunities and choices available locally to all young people at 16.

We took the whole of Year 11 to the exhibition on Wednesday 28 September 2016 at Cedar Court Hotel.

The purpose of the event was to provide our students with information about the wide range of courses, training provision and learning pathways now available to young people. Information, advice and guidance was available at all levels.

Post 16 providers attending included

A. Colleges e.g. Wakefield College, NEW College Pontefract, Leeds City College, Barnsley College, Bradford College and others giving information on courses leading to further qualifications.
B. School/Academy Sixth Forms e.g. Hemsworth, Greenhead, Cathedral, Ossett and Outwood Grange Academy, St Wilfrid’s Catholic 6th Form, Notre Dame Catholic School, Shelley College 6th Form and others giving information on courses leading to further qualifications
C. Approved training providers e.g. Picassos, CITB, Hargreaves who can advise on how to train for an area of work and gain vocational qualifications
D. Employers e.g. Armed Services, Yorkshire Ambulance Service giving information on full-time paid work (preferably with training)
E. Apprenticeship opportunities in an area of work offered by an employer or college with a guaranteed minimum wage and training
F. Other services e.g. Metro, Connexions


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Careers Skills Shows


This term there are three opportunities for students to visit Skills Shows where they can learn about oportunities both in employment and in higher education.

Year 7

Skills Show, Harrogate – Tuesday 4 October 2016

We have 40 places available for the current Year 7s visit to Skills Show at Harrogate on Tuesday 4 October 2016. We will be travelling by coach, leaving school at 9 am and returning at 3 pm. Students will need to wear uniform and bring a packed lunch or money to buy lunch on site. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis with permission slip and payment returned to Finance.
This visit will enable students to visit stalls by local employers, apprenticeships, colleges, universities and training providers. It forms part of the Year 8 careers provision in school and will assist students when considering their options in Year 9, whilst introducing them to local industries.
The cost of the trip is £9. Download a letter here.


Year 9

NEC Skills Show, Birmingham, Thursday 17 November 2016

We have 40 places available for a Year 9 visit to the NEC Skills Show, Birmingham, on Thursday, 17 November 2016.

We will be travelling by coach, leaving school at 8.30 am and returning at 4.30 pm. Students will need to wear uniform and bring a packed lunch, or some money to buy lunch at the show.

This visit will enable students to visit stalls by local employers, apprenticeships, colleges, universities and training providers. It forms part of the Year 9 careers provision in school and will assist students when considering their options in Year 9, whilst introducing them to local industries.
The cost of the trip is £14.  Download a letter here.


Year 10

Skills Show – Leeds United Football Club Conference Centre – Thursday 20 October 2016

We have 40 places available for a year 10 visit to Skills Shows, Leeds United Football Club on Thursday 20 October 2016. We will be travelling by coach, leaving school at 9 am and returning at 1 pm. Students will need to wear uniform and bring a packed lunch/money to buy lunch. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis with slip and payment to the finance office.
Students will be visiting stalls from local employers, apprenticeships, colleges and universities to learn more about their choices post 16.
This is the careers fair based on local companies and apprenticeship opportunities. It also includes local universities and training providers. It is part of the Year 10 careers provision in school to allow students to consider options post 16.
The cost of the trip is £7.  Download a letter here.



Year 10 Work Experience 2015


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Work Experience

Do you want to know

  • What Careers Guidance your child can expect in Year 11?
  • What the various qualifications mean?
  • Where your child can study after school?
  • What Modern Apprenticeships are?
  • What funding is available?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you can find the answers by downloading the 
Careers Guidance Booklet for Year 11 learners and their parents.

You can also download the School Careers Policy

Read about careers in Science


Work Experience 2014


156 Year 10 students attended a wide variety of work placements this year - in teaching, childcare, graphic design, computer games design, MP's office, retail, 'in house' legal team, construction, sport, hospitality & catering, IT to name a few.

Quite a few students came back with part time jobs and some were returning in the holidays to complete voluntary work. The feedback from employers was very positive and the majority of students enjoyed their placement.

Well done Year 10's and thank you to all employers who supported this year's work experience programme.


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Ten Years of One Career Path

kylie johnsonI attended Carleton High School from 1999-2004 and went straight on to New College to study Art (C), Biology (D) and Law (A). At that point, I really didn't know whether university was for me, leave alone what I actually wanted to do with the rest of my life. Given I did so well in Law I decided to take a gap year to see if that was a potential career path. But little did I know, finding a job in that sector would prove to be extremely difficult, near impossible, due to my lack of experience.

I eventually got a job at a Wakefield Solicitors by name dropping my neighbours' daughter who had previously worked at the firm. As the Office Clerk/Legal Assistant I dealt with a variety of work that included Conveyancing and Wills and Probate - I couldn't have enjoyed it more. This experience was invaluable and really gave me a flavour of the legal profession, ultimately convincing me I wanted to apply to university.

In September 2007 I enrolled at Leeds Metropolitan University to study LLB Law. I chose a local university as I wanted to stay at home and commute. For me I felt I got the best of both worlds as I stayed over with friends on my course whenever we fancied a night out and I thankfully didn't end up in as much debt as I potentially could have. In my first and second years I studied compulsory subjects including Legal Research, Criminal and Contract Law. Then in my third year I was able to choose from a number of different areas. Given I wasn't particularly sure what I eventually wanted to practice in I opted for Medical, Family, Jurisprudence and the chance to write a 10,000 word Dissertation. During university I also worked part-time as a waitress at Chiquitos Restaurant Bar and Grill, toured Australia in a camper van in the summer of my second year and gained work experience at the Crown Prosecution Service. Despite graduating in 2010 with a 2.1, I still struggled for months to find a legal job that didn't require years of experience.

As a result, I upped my hours at the restaurant, gained some experience at Ramsdens Solicitors LLP in Huddersfield and continued with the job search. After a disheartening 8 months of endless applications, CV amendments and interviews - I finally got a job as a trainee Paralegal in Leeds. Over the next 2 years I dealt with Road Traffic Accidents claims, taking them through the litigation process with the court. At this point I also decided it was the right time to start my Legal Practice Course (LPC). The LPC is the practical skills course that prepares young lawyers for the transition from study to employment. I attended night school 2 evenings a week at Leeds BPP Law School and also had to find time to study at the weekend.

Once the new-ness of the job faded and the LPC started to take over any free time I had left, holding down a full time legal job and studying a legal course part-time started to take its toll and I became unmotivated and developed hatred towards Law. I'd convinced I wasn't cut out to see it to the end and started contemplating a career change. I think my struggles were made worse as the friends I knew that went straight into employment after college were now on great wages and living life to the fullest, or so I thought.

However, through a stroke of luck, last year I bumped into a family friend and was discussing where my career was heading when she told me about a position at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC). Before then I never really knew much about PwC, other than it was one of the Big Four accountancy firms in the world. This struck me as a brilliant opportunity with endless possibilities to develop my career in whichever direction I wanted – it was that step away from the legal sector that I desperately craved. I submitted my CV, went through the interview process and got the job as an Associate in the Business Recovery Services team. On a daily basis I deal with corporate insolvencies assisting with large well known company administrations, liquidations and receiverships.

Upon reflection, I think my degree and the experience I'd obtained over the years played a big part in helping me get the job. PwC are a phenomenal company to work for and I am grateful they saw something in me, despite not being a straight 'A' student.

Over the last 8 months I have learnt so much and met so many like-minded people. I have been given the chance to support PwC's National charity by participating in the Virgin London Marathon in April this year , I've recently started a cycle of experience for 3 months in a different department and I've just been made permanent.

If that wasn't exciting enough, unbeknown to me when I joined the firm, PwC actually have a rapidly expanding Legal department. I am therefore looking to apply for a Training Contract with them next year and if successful, in 2 years' time I'll be a trainee solicitor, which means in 4 years' time I will finally reach my initial goal of becoming a qualified solicitor!

My advice to those leaving High School would be to take advantage of every experience that comes your way. Employers aren't just looking for grades but life experience, something that's going to make candidates stand out against the vast amounts of competition. Travel, read books, take part in social events in your area a marathon!? If the last 10 years have taught me anything, persistence and drive are key. Your career won't always be as straight forward as you think; things don't always go exactly to plan and opportunities come along that you never expected. Your goals will change and your career will take you on all kinds of ups and downs, but keep striving forward through the set-backs and work hard towards your goals every day. It will be difficult, but it will also all be worth it. As they say, nothing worth having is ever easy and if you want something you have to go out and get it yourself - Good luck!

Kylie Johnson 


Are you an ex-student of Carleton?  Is your career path interesting?  Please let us know.


Y11 Students who are applying for college.


To find out information about post 16 courses and apply to college please click on the UCAS progress link below to take you direct to the website. Students will need their user name and password to login and apply.

UCAS Progress Website

A useful careers website for all students

The National Careers Service is available to help you with your big career decisions. It can help you:

*Find out about careers

*Assess your skills

*Find the right course

*Understand the job market

*Develop your CV

*Choose the right University

Please click on the link below.

National Careers Service

Year 10 Work Experience 2014

The Year 10 work experience programme will be taking place on 7 - 11 July 2014..

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Beavis at school.


Y11 Mock Interviews - 5th & 12th December 2013

During PSHCE lessons Y11 learners have been completing basic application forms which will be presented to employers at the interview and feedback will be given on how well the application form was presented and also the Learner's conduct at interview.

Employers will be coming into school to conduct 20 minute interview sessions with each Y11 learners to give them a flavour of what a real interview could entail. Feedback sheets will be prepared by employers and returned to learners during PSHCE lessons following the interviews.

Investors in Careers.

Over the last two years, the school has been working hard to improve the quality of advice offered to learners in choosing their next steps in life. This includes advice to learners choosing Key Stage 4 options as well as those deciding on their careers once they leave Carleton. As part of this process, we have been working towards achieving the Investors in Careers Award which involves two separate visits by an external assessor who spent time questioning learners, teachers and governors. This culminated in a presentation on May 24th, during which a group of confident, well informed and articulate learners (see photo) gave a flavour of some of the work they do on careers in front of an awarding panel

We are delighted to announce that this resulted in the Investors in Careers Award being presented to our Deputy Chair of Governors, Kebir Berry.

Investors in Careers

Y9 / RWE N Power Enthuse event – 26 January 2011

Ferrybridge power station finds some bright sparks at Carleton Community High School

Year 9 pupils, along with engineers from nearby Ferrybridge Power Station, took part in ‘N’ Power’s ‘Enthuse’ day – a programme designed to inspire and engage pupils aged 12-14 years old in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Enthuse event.

All Year 9 pupils participated in a range of hands-on activities, designed to help them think about the impact science and engineering has on their daily lives and helping them to develop their engineering and science related knowledge and skills.

The pupils were encouraged to think of ways to improve an existing electricity generation idea and product, or to design a completely new concept, before considering the very real problem of how we can meet and reduce the UK’s future demand for energy.

Denis Bown, a training coordinator from Ferrybridge power station, was on hand to give advice and answer questions. He said,”The Enthuse events give young people an insight onto what an engineer’s job entails and a chance for us to highlight the real opportunities a career in the energy industry offers. I hope we have inspired some of today’s pupils to consider engineering as a career option for the future.”

Enthuse, part of the npower’s Brighter Futures Programme, aims to inspire young people from their first day at school to their first day at work. This is achieved by helping them to develop their skills and knowledge to make their own choices and empowering them to achieve their vision of a 'brighter future' for themselves and for the environment.

Enthuse event.

Denis Bown of Npower helps students with an electricity experiment.
(l-r)Connor Lovell(14), Kara Renshaw(13) and Hannah Barker(13)