House Information


At Carleton we operate a house system.  Every student and member of staff belongs to one of four houses, whose names reflect the reliance by Pontefract, over the years, on the confectionary industry.  The houses are -


Austerbury (Green)

Ewbanks (Blue)

Hillaby  (Yellow) and

Wilkinson  (Red)


A view of the school Diary shows the organised house events throughout the year, where house points can be gained, but students can also gain house points  in a wide variety of other ways from attendance and behaviour, achievement in sporting events to success in Drama, English, Maths etc..



Totals So Far

The house totals for this year up to May 4th 2018 are as follows -


Austerbury 56060
Ewbanks 59097
Hillaby 55766
Wilkinson 60081