The humanities department at Carleton Community High School consists of the Geography and History department. You will find us located on the bottom floor of the teaching block. Staff in the department are;


Mrs D Fraser - Coordinator of Humanities (Geography specialist)

Mr S Thornton - Teacher of Geography

Mr A Durham - Teacher of History

Mr D Snowden - Assistant Coordinator



Geography   History





Number of humanities lessons per fortnight


6 (3 Geography and 3 History)


6 (3 Geography and 3 History)


6 (3 Geography and 3 History)


5 (depending on the option chosen, there are 5 lessons for each subject)


5 (as year 10)


Ay Key Stage 4 the children at CCHS are taught by specialist teachers but at key stage 3 we all teach some Geography and History, although we teach the majority of lessons in our specialist subjects.


We are all enthusiastic about our subjects and want the students to be engaged, inspired and achieve well. At key stage 3 each scheme of work has an assessment, where we will judge the current national curriculum level each student is working at and tell them how to improve. Homeworks will be research based and will be used to enable students to reach their full potential in assessments.

At key stage 4, there is also an assessment with every unit of work which will help us to track the progress of students towards meeting or exceeding their predicted grades. Homeworks will be exam paper based or revision, if an assessment is due.


To find out more about Geography and History, please click on the appropriate link above.