Collective Worship

Religious Education is part of the core curriculum for all learners. Withdrawal from school assemblies and Religious Education can be arranged, but so far our arrangements have proved acceptable to the vast majority of learners and parents.

Prayer for the half term

Dear Father,

You are the source of all creation. All of our enquiry is a searching into what you have brought into being.

Sometimes we forget to marvel at the wonders you have placed around us and get absorbed with ourselves and our needs.

Thank you that every day brings new opportunities for learning. Thank you for our senses and our ability to make new discoveries.

Please help us to let go of our selfish ways and to let your love flood our lives.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.


Thought for the year

‘Just as the strength of a building rests on the quality of the mortar used to hold the blocks together, so our relationships depend on the quality of our communications.’